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UI for Web Portals/Applications

At RGB Tech Systems websites are designed with a great user interface, helping the user to accomplish a given task as simply and efficiently as possible. We give importance to the look and feel of the site, in addition to implementing the functionality of the interface in terms of navigation instinctive to the point of being invisible. The web user interface designed by us will help the user to get back to the site effortlessly if he has lost or something has gone wrong.

Simplicity of an interface is something which we consider to be a key point for the success of a website. A large number of objects or icons on the website will lead to confusion and waste of time of the users. This doesn’t mean that the functionality of the website is minimized. We achieve simplicity of User Interfaces by hiding or concealing advanced functionalities.

We also provide attention to create right controls and make them available for the users at the right time. Hence appropriate sliders or buttons are used accordingly.

We establish user friendliness in your website by creating a user interface that responds to keyboard shortcuts, establishing the concept of colour coded lists, provide personalization options for the interface and display messages in an attractive way.

Apart from all this, we are known for implementing an effective navigable prototyping for the interfaces. Our professionals feel that Navigable prototyping is a must if the user involvement is high, contents are complex and streamlining of functionalities is required, number of end users is more and over all expenses on the project is high.

Our expert professionals at RGB Tech Systems build an attractive and astounding UI for your website along with the implementation of the best navigation prototype.

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