This course covers, an introduction to the lifecycle of managing IT services to deliver to business expectations. Using an engaging case study, the core disciplines of ITIL best practices.

ITIL intermediate-level training courses covers five core disciplines:
•Service Strategy
•Service Design
•Service Transition
•Service Operation
•Continual Service Improvement
These disciplines represent a service lifecycle framework that further enhances alignment to the business while demonstrating business value and ROI and enabling IT to solve specific operational needs.
This course includes handouts and references useful after the class, as well as practice sessions, quizzes, exam strategies, and test-taking tips.

•Key concepts of ITIL
•Important principles for improving IT operations
•Vital processes and functions
•Practical guidance for applying ITIL to everyday IT situations
•How to align with business, control costs, and improve IT service quality
•Strategies to balance IT resources

Course Outline:
1. Service Management Defined
2. ITIL Introduction
3. Service Strategy
4. Service Design
5. Service Transition
6. Service Operation
7. Continual Service Improvement

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