Ethical Hacking

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Ethical Hacking-CEH

This course covers, common ethical hacking topics, such as intrusion detection, policy creation, social engineering, DDoS attacks, buffer overflows, and virus creation.

•Footprinting and reconnaissance
•Hacking web servers, web applications, and wireless networks
•Penetration testing
•Social engineering
•Trojans, viruses, and worms
•Evading IDS, firewalls, and honeypots
•Buffer overflows

Course Content:
1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
2. Footprinting and Reconnaissance
3. Scanning Networks
4. Enumeration
5. System Hacking
6. Trojans and Backdoors
7. Viruses and Worms
8. Sniffers
9. Social Engineering
10. Denial of Service
11. Session Hijacking
12. Hacking Web Servers
13. Hacking Web Applications
14. SQL Injection
15. Hacking Wireless Networks
16. Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
17. Buffer Overflows
18. Cryptography
19. Penetration Testing

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