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Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages form an important marketing tool that acts as a source of sales for a large number of business enterprises.

There are many features and highlights, which make RGB Tech Systems’ contributions in this domain unique. Some of the key features include

Accuracy of search results
Accuracy of search result is one of the main factors which make any yellow page portal successful. We understand this factor and have excellent expertise and proven methodologies to devise/structure proper search algorithms which bring in the results with best possible accuracy.

This is arguably the main point, which makes a user decide whether to stay on a portal or go elsewhere and therefore, we pay utmost attention to make sure that the portal achieves the best possible speed even when the data volume is very high.

Capability to handle data volume
Scalability is a key element for long-term stability and existence and success of a business especially when it is a user-volume-driven model. With our vast and varied experience in the domain, the system is usually designed to address this very important need in the most efficient manner.

Excellent mechanism to have search engine visibility
The engine will be designed to have the necessary measures in place, which will ensure that the requirements for search engine visibility are met. There are many provisions for the portal administrator to manage and carry out a certain level of search engine-related activities from the back-end. This is apart from the predefined dynamic capability of the engine to manage the required items for search engine visibility.

Good Admin User Experience
User-friendly Administration sections, which make a non-IT user to manage the site easily. The diverse experience RGB Tech Systems’ team has in defining and designing the user experience for large web applications, delivers a rich, friendly and effective experience for the user at the same time focusing on the corporate brand value as well.

Simple and clean user interface for users
The user interface for the system will be friendly, neat, and will carry the corporate brand value as well. Our Team pays keen attention to the user interface definition to make sure the data display is clean and, clear to the users.

Extensive capabilities in managing advertisements and campaigns
The extremely user-friendly dashboard for the campaigns makes advertisement management very easy. Backed by extensive user-interaction and study, we have developed a highly efficient and friendly ad banner management system.

Online Payment mechanism and Invoicing
PayPal, Merchant accounts or other gateways can be integrated as per your requirements. There is a wide range of features to manage the invoicing and other commercial data. Offline payment can be facilitated, tracked and managed as well.

Data Security
Our coding standards along with the proven methodologies ensure high level of data security. Apart from this, we give advices on the hardware set up to be used to have an extra layer of data security to prevent and avert any threats.

Number of excellent revenue streams
There are a number of revenue streams defined in the model integrated. These can be customized based on any new requirement of yours.

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