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Is the HRD of your business enterprise facing the problems of collecting, acknowledging, checking, approving and rejecting the request form of their employees? Are you finding it difficult to manage the inflow of a large number of request forms? If yes, then stop worrying for you have a solution for all the problems faced by the HRD of your firm.

RGB Tech Systems’ HR Intranet application is a boon for the HR department of your business enterprise. Through our HR intranet applications, the HR department can effectively process all the requests and forms of an employee and keep all the employees updated with the latest happenings in your organization.

Our intranet application acts as an interface for the employees to put forward their requests by filling an online form, know more about the events in the organization, keep themselves updated with the latest news of the organization and manage their leaves. Every employee can access this web application with the unique user ID and password given to them.

If the type of request forms that are to be filled depends on the designation and the experience of an employee in your organization. It becomes highly difficult for the employees to choose the right form for them based on their requirement. Hence, this task is automated in our application where the employees can access the right forms, fill them online and submit to the higher authorities of the organization.

The submitted forms can be submitted. The employees can check the status of their application which may be “Under Progress”, “Rejected” or “Approved”.

The forms can be approved by the officials according to the hierarchy. The final approval of the request will be made by the person in the highest level of the organization as per the designation of the employee who placed a request.

A request form of an employee can be rejected at any level of hierarchy. An employee can place a new request if his form has been rejected.

An employee or member dashboard is created in our HRD Intranet application to notify the employees about the latest events that have already commenced or are yet to commence, the important news related to the organization and chat options for an employee to discuss or message the admin, higher authorities or fellow employees.

A leave dashboard is created by us to provide information on the number of casual leaves available for an employee and the number of leaves that are remaining.

We also provide an Admin Panel that helps the admin in creating and managing employee details assign and manage hierarchical supervisors to approve and reject request forms based on the designation, sending messages to multiple employees through Messaging System, post latest news and ads on the events by the Events Management System and track the leaves of employees by the Leave Management system.

If you are looking for such an application for your business enterprise, you are at the right place. Contact us to get the best HR Intranet Application for your organization.

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