Microsoft Azure

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Implementing Azure Infrastructure 

Introduction to Azure Websites  

  • Azure Website Building & Deploying
  • Azure Website Building & Scheduling
  • Azure Website Settings
  • Azure Website custom Domain Features
  • Azure Website Logging and Monitoring
  • Azure Websites Monitoring, Rules, and Analytics
  • Azure Websites Auto Scaling
  • Azure Website Resource Groups and Hosting Plans

Introduction to Virtual Machine 

  • Virtual Machines Deploying
  • Azure Virtual Machine Uploading Disks
  • Azure Virtual Machine custom images
  • Azure Virtual Machines Configuration Management
  • Azure Virtual Machines VM Networking
  • Azure Virtual Machines Availability & Scaling
  • Azure Virtual Machines Storage Planning
  • Azure Virtual Machines Metrics & Alerts

Introduction to Azure Cloud Services

  • Azure Cloud Services Deploying
  • Azure Cloud Services deploying packages
  • Azure Cloud Services basic Configuration
  • Azure Cloud Services Network Configuration
  • Azure Cloud Services IIS Configuration
  • Azure Cloud Services Storage Caching
  • Azure Cloud Services Scaling
  • Azure Cloud Services Monitoring & Diagnostics

Introduction to Azure Storage 

  • Azure Storage Containers and Blobs
  • Azure Storage Upload data to Storage
  • Azure Storage CDNs & Custom Domains
  • Azure Storage Access Management
  • Azure Storage Diagnostics & Monitoring
  • Azure Storage SQL Databases
  • Azure Storage SQL Database Availability

Introduction to Azure Active Directory 

  • Azure Active Directory Sync
  • Azure Active Directory office 365 Sync
  • Azure Active Directory Monitoring
  • Azure Active Directory SaaS Single Sign-On
  • Azure Active Directory Integrate with custom Apps

Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks 

  • Azure Virtual Network Configuration and Deployment
  • Azure Virtual Network Addressing and load balancing
  • Azure Virtual Networks Multi-Site Networking

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