Storage management

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Storage management

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As the world becomes more digitalized, comprehensive data storage systems play an essential role to provide available and reliable information for you to run your business, to service your customers, to improve the effectiveness of your employees and to collaborate with your business partners. It’s how you, your customers, your business partners and your employees get answers. But digitized information can also be deleted, stolen or simply misplaced among volumes of useless data. Managing this rapid growth in data requires a more sophisticated approach, one that helps you understand, classify, protect, and retain your data according its purpose and value. And of course, it needs to do it cost effectively.IBM offers a comprehensive, flexible data storage systems portfolio that helps organizations address these storage management challenges today. Click on any of the elements in the chart and learn more about the specific components within the IBM storage software family that can help you create a more responsive and resilient storage infrastructure for your on demand business.

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