How Graphical User Interface Could Elevate Your Website Design?

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A user interface is the way in which the interaction between an application and a user is designed. There are many types of interaction possible starting with the command line interface, text based interface and more advanced 3D interface. Now coming to the graphical user interface, it is the type of interface where the user interacts with the electronic devices through graphical icons and some visual indicators. Basically, the GUI had its origin due to its simplicity, and the need of learning separately in order to use command line interface.

GUI Components In Website Designing

        Many visual elements are used as the components of Graphical user interface. The prime motive behind these components is that they are simple to use and doesn’t require dedicated learning. As everyone will be familiar with the visual look and feel icons and other similar components, GUI is used in critical places in the website designing. The most common component is WIMP – Window, Icon, Menu, Pointing device. There are some other components after this like Post-WIMP.

How GUI Makes Your Website Interactive?

        Some common website components for interaction have evolved in the visual language used in GUIs. Interaction elements are interface objects that represent the state of an ongoing operation or transformation, either as visual remainders of the user intent or as affordance showing places where the user may interact. These are cursor, pointer, insertion point, selection and adjustment handle.

Catering For The Feature-Richness And Device Diversity

        In traditional GUI design, the designer controls every pixel on the screen as the dialog box is laid and every similar activity is carried out. The rest assured that it will look exactly the same on the user’s screen. The system in which designing is done, what font has been installed, how large the screen typically will appear-all these details are known to the GUI designer.

Traditional GUI’s Influence Over Web Design

Traditional GUIs are also part of a whole and it is advisable to follow the vendor’s design style guide. The point is that the balance between individual design and the whole tilts in favor of the whole for Web designs. At the same time, we don’t have any established Web design style guide that can dictate how designers should use their interface vocabulary to build sites that fit this whole.

I am a strong proponent of getting an official set of Web design conventions; as long as we don’t have one, my advice to Web designers is to design to fit in and to acknowledge that your site is not the center of the users’ universe: they are going to move between sites, and we have to make it easy for them to use each new site as they go. Thus, the Graphical user Interface if used aptly will elevate your website design multiple times.

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