March 2015

How Graphical User Interface Could Elevate Your Website Design?

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A user interface is the way in which the interaction between an application and a user is designed. There are many types of interaction possible starting with the command line interface, text based interface and more advanced 3D interface. Now coming to the graphical user interface, it is the type of interface where the user interacts with the electronic devices through graphical icons and some visual indicators. Basically, the GUI had its origin due to its simplicity, and the need of learning separately in order to use command line interface.

GUI Components In Website Designing

        Many visual elements are used as the components of Graphical user interface. The prime motive behind these components is that they are simple to use and doesn’t require dedicated learning. As everyone will be familiar with the visual look and feel icons and other similar components, GUI is used in critical places in the website designing. The most common component is WIMP – Window, Icon, Menu, Pointing device. There are some other components after this like Post-WIMP.

How GUI Makes Your Website Interactive?

        Some common website components for interaction have evolved in the visual language used in GUIs. Interaction elements are interface objects that represent the state of an ongoing operation or transformation, either as visual remainders of the user intent or as affordance showing places where the user may interact. These are cursor, pointer, insertion point, selection and adjustment handle.

Catering For The Feature-Richness And Device Diversity

        In traditional GUI design, the designer controls every pixel on the screen as the dialog box is laid and every similar activity is carried out. The rest assured that it will look exactly the same on the user’s screen. The system in which designing is done, what font has been installed, how large the screen typically will appear-all these details are known to the GUI designer.

Traditional GUI’s Influence Over Web Design

Traditional GUIs are also part of a whole and it is advisable to follow the vendor’s design style guide. The point is that the balance between individual design and the whole tilts in favor of the whole for Web designs. At the same time, we don’t have any established Web design style guide that can dictate how designers should use their interface vocabulary to build sites that fit this whole.

I am a strong proponent of getting an official set of Web design conventions; as long as we don’t have one, my advice to Web designers is to design to fit in and to acknowledge that your site is not the center of the users’ universe: they are going to move between sites, and we have to make it easy for them to use each new site as they go. Thus, the Graphical user Interface if used aptly will elevate your website design multiple times.

Tips and Safety Upgrades For Your Company IT Infrastructure

Present market scenario gives high importance to the data and benefits out of it. The businesses have undergone tremendous transformation in last few decades. This would not have been possible without having the basic groundwork in shape and that is where IT infrastructure fits as a pivotal process. With an informed perspective about it, companies can speed up their rate of performance. Also, with the knowledge of what to expect from the IT infrastructure in the near future, companies and organizations can plan according to them.

Hardware and Network

The basic IT infrastructure scaling can become complicated if the company runs its own servers. This means they also need to build in redundancy on the hardware and network level, which greatly increases the required effort. So, in case the hardware and network servers are maintained by the company employees itself, the Infrastructure upgrade might become tricky. But third parties simply cannot be trusted to safeguard online privacy and freedom. The only way to ensure the highest level of data security and uptime is to have full control over the server hardware and network. This is why, despite the added difficulty and complexity, it’s considered best to go a step beyond and only use hardware that we physically own and control.


Tips and Safety Upgrades For Your Company IT Infrastructure

Be Cautious Of These Pitfalls

There are few most common mistakes that are committed while most infrastructure upgrades. The performance may not match the expectation for many reasons. There is a bug that Dell is tracking down in their BIOS for these systems that seems to not respect whatever performance setting one might have. The upgrade may run into an issue deploying our web tier with DSC is getting locked up on a certain reboot thinking it needed a reboot to finish, but coming up in the same state after a reboot in an endless cycle. It may also hit issues with the deployment of the git client on those machines.

Let the User Know About the Upgrade

In case your company has users using the server and network, then do intimate them in advance regarding temporary down. Also take care of the encryption completely keeping in mind the forthcoming hurdles. Also, if any issues are encountered while upgrading and transferring files to your new server, please post the related details to the Community to let the users know about it, and to reduce the unwanted panic.
Consult a proficient System admin right from the planning of the upgrade to the final file transfer. The IT infrastructure is no mean task. But, it ought to be done and can’t be left unnoticed for a long period. To stay in the business for long, these upgrades are inevitable. Also always go for the authentic and original servers and spare parts.

How Dedicated It Training Helps You Professionally?

Most employees working in Information Technology and related companies got their knowledge from the college education. The larger firms provide their Freshers (i.e., college passed-out students directly joining a company) with an in-house training. This will help them in making them feel comfortable with their work, and also during technological updates in their field. But many IT related companies don’t provide such training to employees. And thus, getting trained and knowledgeable becomes the sole responsibility of the particular employee.

Minimizing the Maintenance Costs

With the one time thorough and professional training, the employee will be equipped to adapt himself for any subsequent updates in his field. This will not only be beneficial for the employee in terms of his professional growth, but also for the company because of the prospect of lower maintenance cost in the following years. For an employee, the training allows him to get updated with the latest trends and updates rather than getting to know the fundamentals.

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The Security and Technological Angle

In the current environment of complexity, it is highly difficult for IT managers to face the challenges of meeting business compliance and security consulting related tasks, audit response and reporting, standardize organization’s IT security controls, and designing policies and procedures. It is the same with respect to Technology also. Dedicated training helps building enterprise information security policies and processes in line with the best industry practices, help building secure data leakage prevention strategy and framework, build electronic Fraud prevention strategy and many more more similar technological services.

The Flexibility Associated With Dedicated Training

The training provides both public and on-site courses apart from the customized courses as per organization requirements. The trainees receive high-quality training designed to implement programs using proven techniques in their respective areas of safety, security, risk, reliability, quality and the environment. Post the training, employees will be well equipped and immediately implement practices and put the information learned into action.

The Training Modules That are in Demand

The technologies based on CISCO and Microsoft are preferred by many employees from the Information Technology field. Apart from this, the other high prospect fields are Ethical Hacking and Security Compliance study. The other technical fields such as Citrix-Xen app, Checkpoint are also attracting attention from the student Fresher and employees alike. These fields will vary every now and then, but the idea of getting professional dedicated training will not change.
Proper training improves chances of obtaining promotions and employees are happy because they have better opportunities. Their chances of leaving their current job are greatly reduced, thereby reducing labor turnover in the company. Training brings positive attitude among employees and increases the motivation levels of the employees in the organization, improving the output and work efficiency of an organization.

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