September 2014


Your company is introduction a new product this summer. As a marketer, you want to make a huge splash and not just a toe-dipping announcement. You’re killing yourself brainstorming ways to garnish the attention you need so that this launch is a success and your product is well received by the media, bloggers, and potential buyers.

Social media, blogger outreach, and online advertising are all great ideas, but every idea you come up with always sends web traffic back to your boring corporate website. The website that has grown year after year and that is now a big ball of information that leaves you uninspired.

You look at your corporate website with sadness, knowing, no matter what you do, is just won’t create the excitement and attention you need for a successful product launch.

Before you give up your marketing dreams, consider using a microsite built in WordPress.

What is a Microsite?
A microsite is a small group of pages that is designed as a separate web asset for an existing corporate website. A microsite can be housed on a unique URL ( or on a subdomain (
The goal of any microsite is to segregate itself from the main corporate website, thus providing a separate web experience for visitors. WordPress, and all of it’s open source goodness, offers a great solution for creating corporate microsites.

Why Would a Marketer Want a Corporate Microsite?
While there are a host of uses for WordPress microsites, some of the common utilization include:
•New product launches
•Direct marketing campaigns
•Pay per click campaigns
•Competitions or contests
•Market research
•Seasonal promotions
•Event or conference promotion
•Employee outreach

In each of these scenarios, WordPress offers a unique experience for website visitors. It helps provide clear messaging on a specific topic and to a very targeted audience.

Benefits of a Microsite
•Highly focused on a given target demographic, visitor persona, and product or service
•Allows marketers to focus on the visitor and not on unnecessary content
•Provides an opportunity for designing a unique look and feel
•Allows for separate navigation from main website
•Provides ease of use for website visitors
•Allows marketers to closely tie the website’s branding to other elements of the marketing campaign
•Removes the unnecessary distractions inherent in a corporate website
•Focuses on specific call to actions
•Provides an avenue for lead generation
•Can evoke a sense of community
•Allows for experimentation

Why is WordPress Ideal for Microsites?
•Rapid deployment
•Feature rich
•Content easily added or edited by marketing personnel
•Easily integrates with social media
•Does not consume internal resources
•Inexpensive to maintain

Stop Stressing and Start Digging into WordPress
When it’s time for your next event, product launch, or contest promotion – consider a WordPress microsite to help you stand apart from the competition. With WordPress you don’t need to worry about internal resource constraints, budgets, and timing. You just need to focus on your marketing message.

The Microsites built by the expert team of RGB Tech Systems illustrate how effective microsites can be in luring in visitors, creating a connection, and reinforcing branding.

How IT Governance Can drive Innovation with Right Metrics

Many people have an impression that IT governance is a carnage innovation. Yet, It governance is something that has to be given more importance in this world of growing businesses.

Many people both IT and non IT have the following questions running in their mind: Can IT governance programs do more than just manage IT operations and performance? Can IT collaborate better with the business to drive innovation? Can IT governance play a more transformative role in the organization?

The answer to all 3 questions is a simple yes. Strong IT governance plans that offer real insight actually make possible business innovation and growth. The keywords for this are “meaningful metrics and analytics.” When metrics are considerately developed to closely align with both business objectives and the analytics framework, they facilitate an organization to fine-tune its strategies and to optimize resources in the direction of increasing its spirited advantage.

IT metrics are building blocks of a larger business analytics program, which can help organizations, to take knowledgeable decisions when it comes to opportunities to drive business performance and innovation. Most importantly, IT analytics empower the organization with the strategic, practical and operational insights it needs to invest in IT projects that have the most transformative power.

Here are a few things to consider while developing effective IT metrics and analytics for your IT governance program:
•Ensure that your IT metrics and analytics are defined and directed by enterprise goals, not the other way around.
•Partner with the business to create metrics around emerging technologies, like social media, that can boost brand performance.
•Define metrics that can quickly adapt to a dynamic business and technological environment.
•Choose metrics that are relevant across multiple initiatives, such as IT security, business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and asset protection.
•Ensure that people in the organization know what is being measured, how and why.
•Do not get locked into a static set of metrics or analytics that no longer measure what matters—constantly reevaluate them and their relevance to changing business goals.

We at RGB Tech Systems with the right set of IT metrics and the resulting analytics framework closely aligned with business strategy and performance objectives, help you with simple and strong IT governance .

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